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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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now on chasing news. >> getting busted by the nypd and agreeing to oral at the hotel. >> it's all good to go and that she has to go and ruin that with cocaine. >> jessica has been wanted for search and it. >> how many christmas cards are going to have the selfie with the pope on it. >> check out farmer on a drone in kansas. he actually caught this fish.
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>> a topless street performer got busted by nypd. this is the area where it went down near times square. they offered cocaine to a police officer late sunday night. it was there when it all came to an and at the hotel. they put handcuffs on her and her friends. regulars had been waiting for her. >> the mayors complemented these
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efforts by offering regulatory solutions. i spoke with others who are proud of what they're doing. >> maybe they don't want to show their breasts all the way. that's okay. >> it's weird because those girls usually don't come out here that early. >> i'm asking councilmembers for their reaction i'll update you when i get there information. >> so they're getting busted for prostitutes and cocaine. at the end of the day prostitution is illegal, going topless any where in time city is legal. >> coming time spent with those women, and why did i have to allegedly offer herself.
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tours were taking pictures of these naked women, they were proud to be represented. >> it's all good to go and then she has to go ruin it with cocaine and a. >> thanks diana. >> high-speed chase. >> check out this crazy video, that attestation an attendant was dragged for 35 feet with a car. they asked for all his cash and drove away. they made off with money in cash, it was a white 2009, 2012 toyota. with tinted windows if you toyota. with tinted windows if you have information please contact the police. >> check out this surveillance video. they just barely missing and it crashed into a sidewalk after it
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crashed. the driver hit the gas instead of the brake ramming himself into the wall. luckily people on the sidewalk didn't get hurt but it did damage three cars. not good news for the café which is right below. they had to evacuate and were close the next day. >> we all love those low gas prices. >> i came into california and it's over $3 there. coming here i can do more. i can go out, i can enjoy myself, i can spend i can spend more money in new jersey. >> even though the lowest gas price is below two bucks a gallon, today it's a bonanza statewide.
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>> right there $2.18 per gallon it's not nationwide, or statewide. that's the average or statewide. that's the average here in monmouth and ocean county. that's the local average. >> but their extreme case with outline that can't be explained. like exxon was selling gas that $2.69 per and 69 cents per gallon. >> listen i had a quick question. what are you charging $.50 more than a the county average per gallon gas question marks. >> is called exxon company. >> they can't wait for you to get back. >> right but i wasn't buying gas there. check this out in red bank, there are three stations. the shell and the exxon are selling it for 269 per gallon the luke oil across the street is selling it at $2.89 per gallon. they're selling it for 40 cents less than you.
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>> so everybody is blaming the distributor. but what is really going on behind the scenes? what? what goes into the pricing anyway. they tell me there's a lot of variables. >> the chart the station can charger station we don't really know why. >> at the end of the day motorists have a way to buy gas for less. >> i prices in the state, on average, more sound, highway and it varies. >> by the time you find the cheapest gas, how many gallons of gas have you use? to save 20 or $.30 per per gallon. >> but if you're talking 40 cents on a tank of gas. >> if there is one gas station where i live that is always 60 or 70 cents higher than everybody else. they are always busy.
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>> sometimes business matters. >> i will go back to a gas station where i get in and out quick. >> i don't care don't care if it's a little higher, if i can stop in there and get a hoagie i'm happy. >> for the past 11 years the lowest gas prices before labor day weekend. i'm kind of upset there'd doing the story because there'll be more people traveling on the weekend making it even longer for me to get where i want to go this weekend. >> i didn't create labor day. >> this lady is the queen of the billion-dollar fashion industry. her product, bulk magazine is compared to the bible of high fashion style. twentieth century fox made a movie about her life and her work. it starred meryl streep and was called the devil wears prada. a lot of young women in new york aspire to be in the fashion industry want to work with her. i spoke with the editor of and she wrote a book with her interaction with her.
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>> i've also always admired anna, i have followed her growing up. i'm really obsessed with her. >> she didn't get the job. >> wasn't your outfit? >> identical is myopic, was myopic, i think my hope that was pretty good. i think i sold myself short because i was so nervous. >> so i got it interview with anna at the metropolitan museum of art, the costume centers named after her. she was signing catalogs of the exhibit. the exhibit of it called china through the looking glass. they have already had 30,000 visitors. >> it's an incredible mixture of costume, music and it's something throughout the exhibition that appeals to everybody. people have an emotional reaction.
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>> this exhibit is talking about the influence of chinese aesthetics on western fashion. >> i don't think you could pay me to go see that. >> it's not for you bell. it's it's for the millions of other fans. >> i'm the only one i'm sure. >> then i asked her, do you have any advice for regular women walking down the street want to be fashionable. >> i think the most important is to be true to yourself and not worry too much about what your friends are wearing, or someone on the street you have to come up with your style. >> you have to develop your own sense of style, obviously we are feeling right now. [laughter] >> that aside, i'm interested in her. how is she as a person. the movie portrays her as his
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old, awful, almost vicious person that takes advantage of everyone's. >> she couldn't be more different than meryl streep in the movie, she was, she was very friendly, she spoke to her friends, she was very accommodating to them. >> when you're on exhibit you're promoting you're not going to beat me to anybody. but you don't become a fashion icon by be nice. is not a nice industry. >> did they say this is the nicest group of people you could work with. >> how come my computer is a big >> well perception is everything >> surveillance video from a dollar tree, when checking out she set her iphone on the conveyor belt, hearse of the suspect came up behind her play something over the iphone and slipped it into her purse. they recognize this woman from video please contact the police department.
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>> take a look at this mug shot of a man accused of rape. the incident took place in brooklyn on sunday around midnight. a19 year old woman was walking along the parkway, the male suspect approached her and stated he had a firearm and pulled her into the rear of a building. the suspect. the suspect fled and the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is a black male, 5'6" and where each shorts and a white tank top. if you have any information please call crimestoppers. >> is another down second avenue. >> on july 31, are lady shut its doors along with 33 other churches. they thought the pope needed to be involved of reopening this church. >> i want to know how many christmas cards are
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>> what do you do when the apartment door goes up in flames? >> i busted out man, i ran over and got my family man, got everybody out safe. >> that's what an american hero in california did. his neighbor's' apartment cut by earlier this week. and then he did an interview with them in fresno.
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the video has gone viral with over 400,000 views. >> hopefully they put us in a hotel man, you know what i mean. >> check out farmer derek going drone fishing in kansas. he actually got this little fish. he snaps chatted a selfie with a drunk fish. >> this adventure announced their newest coaster for 2016. they are calling it the most insane coaster they've ever had. it will take you straight up 12 stories 90 degrees, flipping the writer half-dozen times, i will be the first person in line to experience it. >> the scarlet night football's
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five player short when they take the field this saturday for the 2015 season season opener against northridge. five players were arrested with serious charges. they were hit with charges including assault, all were suspended and here's a statement from the athletic director who didn't make any further comment other than to say her office is monitoring the situation. the prosecutor's office says is the arrest stem from a series of home invasions allegedly violent ones, with the the money and marijuana was taken. one kid suffered a broken jaw. if you you think they're well on their way to football glory consider this. we will have the full story on friday. on the next racing news.
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>> gotta love it. >> never in my wildest dreams i think i would be hanging out with it's what i'm doing here in e66 street. thanks to creative people like jessica, jessica has been behind me from the lady of faith, and she's the third generation of faith here. on july 31 it shut its door along with 33 other three other churches in the new york area. there was not much of an explanation. that night night what happened was remarkable. >> i had 30 people round up sitting alongside this church steps that evening. it was like everyone just gravitated back to the place. >> as they were sitting there, an idea came about. >> they suggest that the group should go into the rosary it was
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a 64 day novena for the lady of pompeii. >> that was 54 days long, they thought it was appalling with reopening the church. one of the ladies belonging to this went to the website catholic to the they donated it to the church to get attention to the churches call. people have been shopping stopping and taking a selfie and donations have been pouring in. these have been popping up in places like philadelphia where the port but it's expected to visit. >> what are they asking in terms of donation for these pictures. >> they're not really asking for monetary donations. what what they want is exactly is to bring attention to the church and to
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the cause here. they want answers. they want to know why it has been shot. the only reason they been giving is that they are emerging churches in new york for efficiency. >> i want to know how many christmas cards are going to have this selfie with the pope on it. >> that is a idea. >> you're being realistic because most people won't be side-by-side with the pope. they just opened a lottery at midnight for people who want to be in the pack of the pope. >> if you want to come down you can come from four to seven on saturday you can take a selfie with the pope and then post it with catholic to the >> thanks tara. >> i found a band poked on parked on the main drake direct.
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>> new jersey is the king of barbecue. >> come i your grub on. >> on the next racing news another day in the life of being a chaser, we report the news but we do it differently, because when it comes down to it, it's
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>> it is a one-of-a-kind, the first of its kind on the east coast. it's a van. i'm i'm on the streets of hoboken right now and a pretty cool band. i found the van. i found the babe van and i
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decided i did i needed to see was inside. >> this is the bait van and people decided we needed see what was up. they set me up with a vaporizer. >> what are my options. >> we have fruit, dessert, cereal. >> cinnamon? >> i actually decided on graham cracker crust, it's delicious. joe is the owner and founder of the van, he said that they been is a alternative to smoking. it's a much lower temperature. but why of anna not a store. >> hoboken is really expensive for expensive when it comes to rent an opening your business like this. so force us to brainstorm.
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>> he built this band with his blood, sweat, and tears in his own savings. it took almost four months and he built it from scratch. bought it from new york. the van is also a place to hang out. about 100 people pass through the back of the van a day. while i was there i spoke to a customer who said. >> regardless of the side effect or not it's a safer alternative than smoking cigarettes. >> he's also very smart businessman because when i went down to do this the store actually had to shut down and post a private party to allow people to comment and bait. if you keep it in the vehicle there's not that regulation. >> it's people who are not into smoking who got into this. what's the point. >> we fully believe that it's completely safe, people are dealt about it.
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if you have a good time, go ahead. >> on the hunt. >> these creeps stole $80000 from her family. >> forget is new jersey making a barbecue speemac, get get your grub on. >> next racing new. >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist, scott williams. hard to believe we're talking about labor day weekend. a back door front that will bring some relief later on on your friday. but keep an eye to the sky amount couple scattered showers and downpours not out of the question. temperatures mid to upper 80's in the city, down the shore breezy, maybe a couple of showers. we'll have the entire holiday forecast at
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